Since inception in 1995, the Foundation has awarded over $3 million in grants to provide critical support for the educational needs of Pelham’s students.  Our recent focus on 21st century teaching tools and techniques has fostered the development of life skills for our fast-paced, global environment and supported a dynamic, project-based curriculum that utilizes technology and multi-media. A sampling of the numerous resources provided over the years include:


  • Collaborative effort with the district to provide 21st Century classroom tools for every classroom—Chromebooks, SMART Boards, document cameras and laptops
  • iPads and netbooks
  • e-reader devices
  • Naviance college and career planning tool
  • classroom polling technology-SMART clickers

Specialized Facilities

  • Science Research Lab
  • Multi-media Foreign Language Lab
  • Broadcast Production Studio
  • Fitness Center
  • Traverse climbing walls

Core Curriculum

  • 2,700+ specialized elementary reading books
  • Shakespeare Festival
  • Science Olympiad and Robotics teams
  • Differentiated math instructional tools
  • Living history events
  • Global summit simulation
  • Staff development and training for Teachers

The Arts

  • Friends of the Performing Arts Designated Fund
  • Artist Residencies
  • Young Playwrights Festival
  • Traveling Art Exhibits
  • Orchestral Sheet Music
  • Art classroom galleries and design space
  • Band and Orchestra instruments


Major Grants

These grants are for $5,000 or more.

Mini & Micro Grants

Mini Grants are grants that are less than $5,000. Micro Grants are less than $1,000.

  Year Project    School
2013-15  Left Handed Guitar PHS/PMS
Rekenrek Teacher Demonstration Model Elementary
Posture and Breath Support Improvement -BAND Elementary
The Constitution Works (Colonial field trip) Elementary
All About Me and My Community Hutchinson
SMARTBOARD for ESL classroom PMS
IXL for all
(acces to database for all elementary students)
Concrete Math Tools for Learning K-5
(rekenreks: K-1-2 and math manipulatives: G3,G4,G5)
Orchestra Music Library Development PMS/PHS
MS Robotics Club (materials for projects) PMS
Artists in Residence
(through Maria Abeshouse-chorus)
Wooden Board Posters (Science Research) PHS
General Music and Chorus Elementary
The Culturally Responsive School
(Diversity training for teachers)
Improving the PMS Ceramics Program-new Kiln PMS
Secondary Author Visits –Todd Strasser PMS
Artist Visit-Chorus Planning and training PMS/PHS
Scanner for 3D printer PHS
Developing Science Fieldwork Activities PHS
SMARTBOARD for ESL classroom Hutchinson
Comprehensive Chess Program Elementary
How Can Art Change Perception PHS
Outdoor Classroom Elementary
2011-12  Text Talk by Scholastic Hutchinson
Reading a Handheld Library Siwanoy
iPads for Special Education PMS
Choral Concert Acompaniment PMHS/PMS
2010-11  Shakespeare Festival PMHS/PMS
Music Posture Chairs PMHS/PMS
Orchestral Sheet Music Library Development PMHS/PMS
Art History Chairs PMS
Robotics Club PMHS
Civil War Living History Experience PMS
Global Summit Simulation PMS
Smart Response “Clickers” Classroom Polling Technology Siwanoy
Library E-Readers PMS
Math Exemplar CD for Differentiated Instruction Elementary
Flashmaster Electronic Devices for Math Facts Siwanoy
Math Enrichment Materials Hutchinson
Harpist for Winter Choral Concert PMHS
Lunchtime Music Enrichment for ACE Learning Program Prospect H
2008-09 Guest artist Young Playwrights Festival PMHS
My “Banquillo” and Me Siwanoy
 Artist in Residence Grant PMHS
DINE Healthy software PMHS
Orchestra Music Library Development PMHS
Poster printing for science research PMHS
Senteo Interactive Response Siwanoy/ Prospect Hill
Alternative student seating PMS
Peer leadership program PMHS
Kinder “Gardens”–Butterflies Hutchinson
Climbing Wall Colonial
  Year Project    School
2007-08 Dancing classrooms Hutchinson
Investigations math technology Siwanoy
Courtyard mosaic Colonial
Building CO2 cars PMS
Social studies podcasting PMHS
Visiting artist PMS
Careers in art workshop PMS
Upgrading district websites District-wide
Freshmen transition program PMHS
Yearbook staff computers PMHS
2006-07  Successmaker Software Elementary
 Teacher Training Course Elementary
The art of science PMS
Video cameras PMHS
Early intervention math program Elementary
Contexts for learning math Elementary
Orton & Gillingham reading Elementary
2005-06 Trout in the classroom PMHS
3D modeling PMHS
MIDI audio engineering PMS/PMHS
Enriching algebraic math instruction Elementary
Orchestral composer Elementary
Autistic social story Special Ed
2004-05 Student-created E-commerce website PMHS
After-school French Program PMS
24 Math Game Elementary
Student-produced Mitosis flipbook PMHS
Digital cameras Prospect Hill
Student-illustrated note cards PMHS
Video microscopes Hutchinson
Music workshop with a composer Hutchinson
2003-04 Debate Club PMS
Nature Books Prospect Hill
TCCI college tracking software PMHS
Forensic Science Mannequin PMHS
Character Education Through Art Elementary
Science Immersion, Honduras PMHS
24 Math Game Elementary
2002-03 Reading in the Content Area Siwanoy
FUR for Reading PMS
The Empower Program PMS
Learning 20th Century America PMHS
Radical & Moderate Reform Groups PMS
Math/Graphics/Art History PMHS
Art Department Camera PMHS
Writing Workshop PMHS
JSTOR  Library Research Software PMHS